The Dawn
October 23, 2019

The Dawn

My life moves like a constant wave of motion,
And has endured all the dangers from this noxious ocean.
I have yet glimpsed the deepest part of the elation
But confronted many incidents of desolation.
In what ways can I make sure that I am brave.
So that I can sleep peacefully under the grave.
To be brave is one perception, but fear is another,
I am very obliged because I have got my mother.
In dreams sometimes I set aims and targets to my soul,
But without an interest how will I come into possession of a goal.
Sometimes I envision myself of how to live,
With all those anxieties and the concepts that I believe.
At every dawn with the sunlight, I try to wade,
But with the sadness at every dusk, I try to fade.
The time you remember me deeply, I will appear;
As you dismiss me from your mind, I shall disappear.
I never know how passionate someone can be,
Now I have perceived the truth since it ensued deep inside me
I will always be a person, with little ideas and inspiration,
And endeavour to explore the deepest part of the creation.
T came into this voluptuous world to live and die,
And to see all the beauty by the succour of my eye.
I am me and I am the person who I see
By trying to replicate someone, I know I will never be…

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